With Trump elected, paradoxically, there is hope. An editorial by the FTN Editorial Team.

Donald Trump speaking with supporters at a campaign rally at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona by Gage Skidmore — Some rights reserved

The infantilization of public discourse has come full circle. This observation cuts both ways. Most children are more adult than the voices heard in debates. Yet the two opposite sides defining politics in the last years truly look and feel like spoiled, bullying brats.

Millennial progressives act like whiney children, demanding safe spaces and protection from uncomfortable realities. Their alt-right counterparts act just as much like children, but this time it’s nasty kids. Those that take joy in the plight of others.

The hysteric left has found its mirror image in Donald Trump and his alt-right supporters. This mirror image ended up in power.

Energized by Barack Obama’s presidency, social engineers from the political left have tried to shape the world according to their ideas. Trump is only the last message from voters that they have overdone it. This backlash is just as horrible as the agenda that it goes against.

Let’s Mount an Assault on Political Power Itself

The presidency of Donald Trump is an opportunity to mount a libertarian assault on political power itself. Make no mistake: The authoritarian assault on liberty by Obama and his followers will continue under president Trump and his followers.

Now is an opportunity to convince our friends on the political left, and certainly a few conservatives, of the golden rule of power in democracies:

If you do not want your political opponent to have control over something, do everything to abolish this control completely.

With the Trumpists in control of the American executive branch and with more to follow, the time is right to make the case to limit government power and to get public discourse back where it belongs. To the individuals.