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Not Much Happened Until Very Recently?

[This is part of my series on Thomas Malthus’ “Essay on the Principle of Population,” first published in 1798. You can find an overview of all posts here that I will keep updated: “Synopsis: What’s Wrong with the Malthusian Argument?”]I have come acros…

Weak and Strong Arguments for Free Migration

It is neither reasonable to assume that immigration leads to catastrophic results nor that it will work miracles.

Both Hayek and His Opponents Were Wrong

Even the great thinker of liberty could not get it right all the time.

Were the Nazis “Socialists?”

Yes and no. It’s complicated.

Melting Pot? Salad Bowl? Neither.

[This is the continuation of my series of posts turning around the topic of free migration. Here are the first two installments: “Also: Free Migration” and “Three Ways to Boost Liberty in the World”.]When it comes to immigration to a country, one of th…

The Liberal Order — An Explanation

In my previous post “Libertarianism and Representative Democracy,” I made the claim that libertarianism has always been weak when it comes to defending a “liberal order.” My hunch is that my statement can easily be misinterpreted.

The Malthusian Worldview

All in all, the Malthusian argument is only the semblance of a scientific theory. Its force stems from something else: It is a worldview.

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