Growing back arms, chattering bats, dark matter, and more Science & Health in FTN Daily #74, Wed, Dec 28, 2016

Photo: jochemy

Shocking growth

Using electric currents, a new technique promises to help grow back severed limbs. Rachel Feltman for Popular Science.

Bat words

Bats have a language that was decoded by AI. They argue, of course. Jason Daley for Smithsonian.

Feynmann’s Razor

If a concept can only be described with overly complicated language, it’s probably not scientific. Simon Oxenham for Big Think.

On Orientationalism

Religious groups use a new handbook to undermine scientific understanding of sexual identity. Michael Shermer for Scientific American

Looking into the dark

An Interview with Elena Aprile who leads the search for dark matter. Joshua Sokol for Quanta Magazine

According to science, you shouldn’t talk so much science

Just throwing figures and findings at others can entrench their views even more. Dan Kopf for Quartz

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