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Saturday, 29th October 2016 — Culture

FTN Daily #23 — Building a Metro — Before The Smiths were The Smiths — Venice’s double threat — And more

Once Upon A Time before The Smiths

Tales of ancient times. With something to listen to. Sarah Walters for Manchester Evening News.

Bending Wire Interestingly

A music video featuring the production of various kinds of springs. Strangely mesmerizing.

Mini Metro

Planning a subway network is not a game. Except it is with Mini Metro, where you face the challenges of an urban planner. John Voorhees for MacStories.

Maybe one Thing Obama is good at?

He messed up the Middle East. But hey, he’s got rap moments. Kenneth Bachor for Time.

Is it Wrestling? Is it Rugby? No, it’s Kabaddi!

This original sport from India is gaining fans worldwide. A.A.K. for The Economist.

From Above and Below

Venice’s substance is threatened by water. Its spirit is threatened by tourism. Simon Worrall for National Geographic.

Freedom Among Zombies

The series Z Nation explores the dichotomy between freedom and security. Travis Langley for Psychology Today.

Boldly Go (Without Leaving Your Couch)

A new virtual reality platform from Time shows a Mt Everest climb and the Mars surface. Brianne Tracy and Mariah Haas for People.

Total Recall — Reversed

Just watch. These eight minutes are worth it. Trust us.

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