The real threat to gay bars, the war on cash, the French policy mess and more Economics & Business in FTN Daily #72, Mon, Dec 26, 2016

Photo: klimkin

Ignorant Elect

Trump blames trade with China for America’s problems. Of course, he’s wrong. Eswar Prasad for Project Syndicate.

From raids to rent hikes

Gay bars have survived hate and persecution. But rising rents in a thriving economy are whole different problem. The Economist.

Year Zero

Developed economies become so encrusted in their politics and economics that zero growth can easily become the new norm. Enrico Perotti for World Economic Forum

Cashing out

By taking cash out of circulation, politicians endanger the economic welfare of their citizens. Jeffrey Frankel for Project Syndicate.

Is there a word for entrepreneur in French?

France is great at training engineers. Providing the right incentives for entrepreneurs? Not so much. Nicolas Colin for Welcome to TheFamily.

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