Category: Debate and Politics

The EU is powerful because it’s boring

The European Union’s worst policies are hidden in plain sight. Nobody bothers to check them out because the the discussions are tiring.

Government Is Addicted to Banning Substances

The government has a substance problem and it’s time for an intervention.

5 reasons Elon Musk is the Donald Trump of e-mobility

The Tesla CEO is a lot like the American president.

The sad reality of right-wing libertarian Stalinism

The authoritarian “anarcho-capitalist” branch of libertarianism is eerily similar to Stalinist groups. A veteran of the liberty movement told me…

Angie again

Angela Merkel will stay German chancellor. Nobody can seriously challenge the politician, who has led Germany for the last twelve years. Everything points to a boring campaign and election.

“We are experiencing an anti-liberal counter-revolution”

Why hard-won freedoms in the world and in Europe are under threat again and what can be done about it.

Should I Write an Open Letter About How Hard My Life is?

Of course not. Writing open letters to everyone seems a favorite pastime of millennials. These letters address a whole range of…

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