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You’re a phoney!

Social media scamming, Books, Statistics, traveling, scapegoating, universities, Donald Trump

“Free Speech Has Become Tribal”

Speech, Jordan B. Peterson, the status quo, Swearing, the World Bank, publishing, cows.

Hunger Games

CLIMATE Is Global Warming Making Us Hungrier? After achieving dramatic gains against hunger and famine, the world runs the risk…

Blurred Lines

SJWs, happiness, populism, lines, the USA, Censorship, and casting.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Causes of death, Genetics, coastlines, smart speakers, Tinder, and Blockchain humor.

Zombie, Zombie

Zombie Capitalism, Putin, Bikes, online businesses, and Singapore

Happy, happy, happy

GIFs, dinosaurs, pencils, migration, Facebook, happiness.

Resolutions Work. Does Yours?

Resolutions, feminism, Apple, Free spech in 2017,#RailFail, Donald Trump, fake news, and land ownership.

Coffee House Revival

Intellectuals, France, map services, Africa, playing games, and x-mas.

It was a good year

Progress, thought experiments, China’s policy, Bitcoin, polls, Christmas, and coffee.

A stupid ban on smart weapons

Smart weapons, Russia, competititon, machine learning, and the “Estcoin”

No regrets

Bitcoin regrets, Disney and Fox, Uber ambulances, zombie accounts, Saudi Arabia, Estonia, ridiculous Star Wars merch.

People before Malthus

Malthusianism, Trump, plastic, organ donation, Orwell, Syria, Apple, and crowdfunding.

A Boost for Liberty

Spreading Liberty, killer morals, United States of Europe, understanding China, net neutrality, and innovation in health care.

Holier than thou!

Morality, polar bears, capes, Donald Trump, Switzerland, perspectives, fingers, and bitcoin.

What’s in a word?

Today’s Freedom Today Journal: Euphemisms, truly free speech, Russia Today, debt, universalism, robot muscles, death, facebook, online shopping, and China.


The EU, migration, tolerance, biases, feminism, language, anti-capitalism, kids’ jobs, Jerusalem, and cars.

“It’s time for an intervention”

The drug war, IT security, daredevils, women, Jerusalem, Portugal, Turkey, academics, Russia, and North Korea

That all languages are created equal…

Linguistics, Hong Kong, solar panels, racism, the LvMI, smoking bans, Internet moderation, South Africa, sci-fi, & AI music.

Luck of the Northern Irish

Northern Ireland, linguistics, strong drink, regulations, bitcoin, the internet, Russian government memes, Saudi Arabia, talent shows, and redemption songs.

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