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FTN Daily #13 — Tuesday 18th October 2016 — Technology and Innovation

Ever more human-like Artificial Intelligence, the foolishness of Bitcoin purists, and the stagnation of batteries.

Born to be Wild

BMW’s concept bike offers a glimpse of motorcycles to come. Hannah Elliott for Bloomberg.


Artificial Intelligence is advancing. Google’s DeepMind behaves quite human already. Will Knight for MIT Technology Review.

Reality Calling

The Blockchain/Bitcoin community needs to understand that it lacks appeal and adapt accordingly. An open letter by Moritz Bierling for Decentralize Today.

The Wire

Facebook and Google are funding a new under sea data cable between California and HongKong with unprecedented capacity. Klint Finley for Wired.

Does it Scale?

Battery research makes great progress. Actual product development not so much. But why? Richard Martin for MIT Technology Review.

Clinton’s (or Trump’s) Homework

Whoever will be US president next year. A lot of innovation will happen in their term. And they better not ruin it. Tim Bajarin for Time.

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