Speak freely

“Among citizens of democracies, free speech has become tribal. Ideologically driven camps uncompromisingly insist on free speech when it suits their agenda only to deny its relevance when exercised by their opponents. Advancing free speech as a fundamental value on a principled basis has become rare.”

Jacob Mchangama on


”An alternative to ideological possession”

“Walking the Tightrope Between Chaos and Order—An Interview with Jordan B Peterson”

Andrew Kelman on


Out the comfort zone

“Why libertarians need to challenge the status quo.”

Maria Chaplia on



“Research has shown that cursing allows you to handle suffering and actually diminishes the sensation of pain.”

Emma Byrne on


Poodle of Wall Street

“Jim Yong Kim, the World Bank’s president, is trying to revitalize a hidebound institution. But his embrace of Wall Street is controversial.”

Landon Thomas Jr. on


Black and white and read all over

“News publishers have the opportunity to enter the curation business by leveraging their reputations as trusted sources, and on proven technologies.”

Frederic Filloux on


Until the cows go extinct

“But cows don’t belong to the natural world, because they owe their existence to our selective breeding, not evolution. For that reason, we might think, we have no duty to preserve them as a species: what we created we may dispose of.”

Neil Levy on

Executive Editor of Freedom Today Network. Based in Berlin.