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Freedom Today #10 – Friday, 14th October 2016 — Politics and Debate

Why we need to disempower politicians, how the world failed Syria, and why Irish tax freedom needs to stay.

Criminal Neglect

In abandoning the secular, democratic Syrian opposition, the West betrayed humanity. Thanassis Cambanis for The Atlantic.

Where You Least Expect It

Despite its good reputation Sweden has become an unwilling exporter of jihadist terrorism. Yalda Hakim for BBC.

Feck Off!

In pressuring Ireland to tighten its tax rules, the European Union is threatening democracy and the rule of law. Barbara Kolm & Federico Fernández for CapX.

A Spectre Looming

China benefits enormously from exports, yet blocks imports. This contributes to a global rise in protectionism. Douglas Bulloch for Forbes.

Morbus Germaniae

While many still admire Germany, some see dangerous developments, economic and cultural. Sarah Muir for The Spectator.

Power Down!

The best recipe against abuse of political power is … reducing political power altogether. Marc Stears for the Guardian.

Chaff and Wheat

Trying to choose the “right” immigrants is tricky and shuts out all too many people. Alexia Fernández Campbell for The Atlantic.

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