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FTN Daily #12— Monday, 17th October 2016 — Business and Economics

A billionaire’s story from peanuts to real estate, the business middlemen that never went away, and how to save journalism, again.

In the Middle

The Internet economy has not abolished middlemen in business. It created new classes of them. Kyle Thompson-Westra for NewCo Shift.


A portrait of Hong Kong tycoon and philanthropist Lui Che Woo. Michelle Toh for Fortune.

Selling Success

Lifting people from poverty by empowering them build their own businesses. A case study from New Jersey. Howard Husock for Forbes.

Not Selling a Tiger

Even the dark web has its morals. And they go against selling parts of endangered species. Ben Sullivan for War is Boring.

Do Handouts Really Help?

How do you help those worse off? Do money transfers from richer countries have a good effect? Nobel Laureate economist Angus Deaton on Econtalk with Russ Roberts.

Poor Targeting

All ads are created equal, while all online content isn’t. But there is a way detect journalistic value and place valuable ads. Frederic Filloux for Monday Note.

Living Room Concerto

There’s an “Uber” for everything. Everything! This one is for Classical concerts in living rooms. Charley Locke for Wired.

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