Freedom Today #2 — Wednesday, 5th October 2016 — Science and Health

In this issue of Freedom Today, let’s gets scientific! We’ll explore how dead human bodies have a productive afterlife, why papercuts hurt so f***ing much and why Vaping is a great weapon against cancer.

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Welcome to our second issue of Freedom Today! On Wednesdays we feature science and its implications for a better, more free future. We have read and collected lots of stories to bring you this selection. Enjoy!

Where Some Bodies Go

Medicine needs bodies for training doctors. And donors have to be found. Matt McCall for National Geographic with an extensive feature.

Thank You for Vaping

The shift from cigarettes to nicotine vaporizers will decrease cancer deaths by millions. We just have to let it happen, says a paper by Julian Morris and Amir Ullah Khan for Reason Foundation. Alex McHugh for Students for Liberty has the key points.

Moralizing in Tongues

Our moral behavior can vary if we’re using a foreign language. We become more careful in our judgements and less offended, studies found. Charlie Sorrel for co.Exist reports.

Civilization begins with Distillation

The discovery of alcohol made life easier and contributed to progress from the first days of mankind until today. But why? The biomolecular archaeologist Patrick McGovern was interviewed for National Geographic.

The Little Prince Lied!

Forget it! Whatever wisdom you thought to get from in the drunkard in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s novella “The Little Prince”, forget it! Drinking alcohol is not necessarily the first step into a vicious circle. Alex Balk for The Awl serves some refreshments.

Body Height — An Overview

Our height is correlated to a lot of factors. The causes and connections are complicated. But there are a few ways to get a birds eye view of the matter. Dan Kopf for Pricenomics.

The Paper, Mightier Than the Sword

Paper cuts are f***ing savage. The reasons can be found in the microscopic structures of our fingertips and the paper itself. Jason G Goldman for the BBC cuts into the question.

From Empire to Empire

In a far corner of China, people look surprisingly European. Some of them believe they are descended from a group lost Roman legionaries. Not all scientists agree. Nick Squires for The Telegraph.

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