Freedom Today #3 — Thursday, 6th October 2016 — People and Society

In this issue of Freedom Today, we explore the human aspects on the way to a better world. How chess players challenge the forced veiling of women in Iran, why carrying guns can be tricky for some, and how racists scammed millions of their fellow racists.

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Welcome to our 3rd issue of Freedom Today! On Thursdays we feature social questions and their implications for a better, more free future.

Work Is the Antidote to Privilege

Social Justice Warriors claim that privileged people are just bragging when they talk about their first jobs. But there is so much more to it. Lauren K. Hall for the Foundation for Economic Education makes the case.

A Double Edged Handgun

Texas allows Students to carry guns on campus. A victory for individual rights with a flip side. Minority students already fear a higher risk of being shot by overzealous police. Even more so, when armed. Amma Marfo for The Pacific Standard.

Can’t Hijab This!

The Chess World Championship was announced to take place in Iran. But American chess player Nazi Paikidze-Barnes was having none of it. She called for a boycott, because the Islamic Republic in Iran forces women under a veil. She would rather lose the title of world chess champion, than dress to please a religious regime.

Masih Alinejad for My Stealthy Freedom, a social media campaign supporting Iranian women, interviewed her.

All Looks, No Touches

Women can dress sexier in Western societies and still face much less harassment from men, than elsewhere. Fatema Nouali for the Egypt Independent believes that the secret lies in the general respect for legal norms.

Halal Hyperspace

Development of the Internet in Iran means more censorship and more surveillance. And embargoes intensify the isolation. Still, there are cracks in the wall. Collin Anderson for Backchannel.

Fed Up with Elitist Eaters

When eating is more about morality than nutrition, people are not really looking to improve their world. They seek to improve their ego by belittling others. Brendan O’Neill for The Spectator finds it hard to swallow.

The Grievance Generation

The academic left has turned into a force of “restriction, censorship and the imposition of an orthodoxy”. Novelist Lionel Shriver for the New York Times with an Op-Ed.

Not In My Progressive Backyard

As white liberal neighborhoods diversify, white liberals move away. Anjali Enjeti for Pacific Standard.

The KKK Took My Money Away

Conventional wisdom paints the Ku Klux Klan as murdering secret organization. Apparently, it was more of a pyramid scheme that sold identity to hateful people and, eventually, collapsed. Rosie Cima for Pricenomcs.

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