Freedom Today #4 — Friday, 7th October 2016 — Politics and Debate

In this issue of Freedom Today, we look around. What the future holds for Colombia, how Spain does without government (fine, thanks), and how the EU can be reformed.

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Welcome to our 4th issue of Freedom Today! On Fridays we feature politics, debates and their implications for a better, more free future.

The Dove’s Still Flying

Last weekend Columbians rejected a peace deal with the FARC guerrilla by a tiny margin. But the door is not shut entirely, argues Columbian-American writer David Collante on Medium.

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The Peace Deal is Dead. Long live Peace.

The communist FARC group has been long on the defensive and is struggling to survive. So peace is still quite an option, argues Michael J. Totten for World Affairs.

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Home Alone

After 10 months without a national government, Spain does well. Remarkably well. Raphael Minder and David Zucchino for the New York Times.

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The Flag is Still There

The choice of Clinton vs. Trump makes American Intellectuals fear for the very existence of the USA as the republic we know. Conor Friedersdorf for The Atlantic begs to differ.

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While Obama Dreamt

With American-Israeli relations cooling down, Benjamin Netanyahu has lead Israel silently into new, diverse alliances. Walter Russell Mead for the American Interest argues that Bibi is a colder — and smarter — leader than Obama.

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Reforming the Unreformable

With the EU in constant crisis, pundits have discussed endlessly how to reform the Brussels behemoth. Now Brexit is looming and changes are inevitable. Michael Wohlgemuth for Geopolitical Intelligence Services.

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How to Explain Libertarianism to Your Friends (If They Want to Listen)

If you’re having a discussion about Liberty, make sure to address their genuine concerns. Josiah Rosmarin on Medium has a few talking points.

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