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Freedom Today #5 — Saturday, 8th October 2016 — Culture

It’s the first weekend issue of Freedom Today. Let’s throw paper planes, listen to weird music, read all the books, and be perfectly unhappy.

Welcome to our 5th issue of Freedom Today! On Saturdays we feature culture for the weekend break and take a breath.

Gliding Globally

Paper Planes is a lovely game for your smartphone. You fold, throw and catch virtual paper planes all around the world. The stamps tell you where they’ve been.

A Shiny Myth

The golden ratio is everywhere, according to its fan. But designers and architects say, they don’t use that often. John Brownlee for

Tell Me Now How Do You Feel

The “How is the World Feeling” campaign collects data on people’s emotions all over next week. They’re trying to understand better, what makes us tick. Visit their site to learn more download their app.

Old Order

Do you sometimes wonder what New Order’s “Blue Monday” would have sounded like 50 years earlier? Wonder no more. Orkesta Obsolete on the BBC’s Youtube Channel.

One Down, One to Go.

Like the late Gawker, Breitbart is a toxic outlet spewing hate into the world. And the right wing magazine should follow its mirror image, argues Ryan Holiday on Medium.

Essential Reading

How do you become that person who’s read all those important books? Stephen Altrogge for the Zapier Blog has 7 steps for you.

Holy Hole in a Donut!

The actors from the legendary 60s-series of Batman return to voice their roles in a new animated film. If you like “bamm”, “pew” and “boing” you’re gonna love this trailer by Warner Bros. on Youtube.

Don’t Worry, be Unhappy

Happiness is overrated. An illustrated case for a better, unhappier life by Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal.

I’m Dead Inside

An upbeat music video about inner emptiness featuring a lion. Dan Britt on Vimeo.

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Daniel Fallenstein, Editor in Chief