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Freedom Today #7 — Tuesday, 11th October 2016 — Innovation and Technology

Why we should put deadly robot cars on the road, AI everywhere, what’s next for Apple, and Google’s cheap problem.

Don’t worry! Investobot handles your money

Artificial Intelligence gets better. And after many other professions, bankers might be replaced next by machines. Attracta Mooney for FT.

Speaking in tongues

Google gets better and better at translating. A recent update makes its services almost as good as human translation (in some languages). Tom Simonite for MIT Technology Review.

Set Robocars to Ludicrous Speed!

Every robotic car can instantly learn from every robotic car’s mistakes. This would quickly make them the best drivers around and save lives. Shahin Farshchi for Lux Capital pleads to let them hit the road — fast!

The Missing Bite

The iPhone Maker is going into augmented reality, according to an interview with CEO Tim Cook. Adario Strange for Mashable.

Google in the “Free” Trap

Google is challenging Apple on their home turf: premium devices. But that contradicts the brand Google has built. Alex Chitu for Google Operating System.

Delete Your Yahoo. Now!

Yahoo helped US spies to read your email and deserves to die. Blake Montgomery for Buzzfeed.

The Internet of Threats

Unsecure networked devices are a real threat to IT security. Bruce Schneier for Motherboard gets the problem right. But then he proposes government intervention to solve it.

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