The AI takeover, the best mobile games 2016, email details, and more Innovation & Technology in FTN Daily #73, Tue, Dec 27, 2016

The state of AI

Artificial Intelligence is making big strides ever since it learnt how to learn. Sandra Upson for Backchannel.

Plugging in

With the much ridiculed wireless AirPods, Apple is getting ready for a post iPhone world. Neil Cybart for Above Avalon.

F*cking email, how does it work?

Some more, some less technical insights into the daily operations of a top notch mail host. Bron Gondwana for FastMail.

Players gonna play

The best in mobile time wasters of 2016 — i.e. the top smartphone games of this year. Adrian Chen for The New Yorker.

The farming economy

Independent machines and the sharing economy offer new business models for farmers. Sarah Mock for NewCo Shift.

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