Health & Science — Wednesday, Dec 14, 2016

FTN Daily #62 — “Stone him!” — “It’s alive!”— and More

Photo: Volkan Olmez

The empire strikes back

A scientist dared to have a slightly different opinion on climate issues. All hell broke loose. Roger Pielke Jr. for WSJ

Don’t believe the hype

Climate change and weather phenomena are less intertwined than some people want you to believe. Bjorn Lomborg for


It’s a heart in a jar. And it’s beating. Alexandra Ossola for Popular Science

Your very own cancer vaccine

A vaccination against blood cancer that apparently works quite well. Emily Mullin for MIT Technology Review.

This is the time to get fusion fever

New tests verify that Germany’s Wendelstein 7-X fusion energy device is on track to safely suspend plasma in magnetic fields. Glenn McDonald, Seeker for

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