Culture — Saturday, Dec 10, 2016

FTN Daily #59 — The fourth wall — The Lord of the Flies — And More

Photo: MustangJoe


Pop culture is not as left as you may think. Rod Liddle for The Spectator

Hello There!

Breaking the Fourth Wall. A visual history.

Lord of the Flies is the perfect Christmas present for 2016

The book is, unfortunately, quite current. Matthew Whittle for CapX


The title sounds like science fiction. But the movie tells the story how the Czech resistance assassinated Nazi war criminal Reinhard Heydrich. Matthew Gault for War Is Boring.

Both City Lights and Stars

How to explain the blessings of the modern world to creatives. Daniil Gorbatenko for Extra Newsfeed.

You totally want this Batman grappling hook gun

Of course you do.

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