When AI gets so real it makes actual mistakes. Also: Clean water and space food. — FTN DAILY EDITION #115, Innovation & Technology

Go, Singularity!

To win the worlds most complex game, engineers built an AI that makes human errors.

Cade Metz for WIRED:

Move 37 was the moment machines and humanity finally began to evolve together.


Space Garden

NASA explores ways to grow sustainable food in space.

Eleanor Cummins for Popular Science:

Though it’s small, the new habitat is equipped with over 180 sensors and three cameras.


Drink heartily

This devices provides clean drinking water at low cost and high efficiency.

Cory Nealon-Buffalo for Futurity:

The solar still coverts water to vapor very efficiently.


Baby Steps

Walking robots are on their way out of the laboratories and into the streets.

Ben Coxworth for New Atlas — Latest News:

And no, it’s not specifically intended to look like an ostrich — although the group did make a point of studying bird legs as a means of achieving agility, efficiency and robustness.


Battle Royal

How to figure out which AI is best? Make them fight each other.

Dyllan Furness for Motherboard:

For one month, these teams of mostly students from around the world test and tweak their algorithms to one-up their opponents or outsmart the game’s developers with sly hacks.



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