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Monday, 31st October 2016 — Business and Economics

FTN Daily #24 — Fossil fuels deserve praise — Good News from India and Nigeria — Protect your assets from the next US president — And more

India: From Pitied to Envied

25 years after economic reforms began, India is better off than ever. But there are still obstacles. Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar for the Cato Institute.

Entrepreneurial Nigeria

The Number of Nigerians on the Forbes Young Entrepreneurs List? 4 out of 30. Victoria Onehi for All Africa.

Hurray Coal! Hurray Oil!

Fossil fuels made possible our way from the gutter to the stars. Let’s celebrate them. Marian L. Tupy for CapX.

The Secret of Real Madrid

A successful professional football club needs a company culture (even if the Ultras dread it). Andrew Cave for Forbes.

Symphonies of the Unnecessary

What’s the secret of expensive wristwatches? Hint: It’s not about timekeeping. Simon Garfield for The Guardian.

Bill Gates at 61

An in depth portrait of the Microsoft founder and philanthropist. Mary Riddell for the Telegraph.

President-Agnostic Investment Advice

How to keep your money safe. Whoever becomes president of the United States. Duncan Rolph for Forbes.

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