Jeffrey Tucker had a good time in Europe. Also: Corruption, Tintin, Beer. — FTN DAILY EDITION #147, People & Society

Jeffrey Tucker visited LibertyCon and was impressed

We were there, so we agree.

Jeffrey A. Tucker for Foundation for Economic Education:

I saw among those one thousand attendees a strong reason for hope.

Is nothing sacred?

Politicos are dragging Tintin into the Brexit debate.

William Cook for Coffee House:

As any self-respecting Tintin fan knows full well, Hergé was no stranger to European politics, and many of his finest stories are intensely political affairs.

Wait, what?

Heineken may see its famous red star banned in Hungary.

Janene Pieters for NL Times:

According to RTL, the red star ban thereby seems suspiciously like retaliation.

Playing with fire

A very special kind of child’s work in India.

Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman for The Conversation:

As I stop to watch the fire spread through the forest undergrowth — a spectacular sight — the children come and join me.

The proper way to fight corruption

Address the institutional problems.

Bo Rothstein for CapX:

Our message, therefore, is different — namely that the problem is dysfunctional public institutions, not people.

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