International cooperation helps. Also: Putin, Antisemitism, the Left. — FTN DAILY EDITION #136, Politics & Debate

Brooke Cagle

Let the idiots speak

Even antisemitic horses*t like “Israeli Apartheid Week” deserves protection as free speech.

Naomi Firsht for Spiked:

Instead of the usual tradition of being offered free rein to use campuses as a playground for anti-Israel hyperbole, some activists found their events were blocked

How the left committed suicide

A short history of the radical left’s decay.

Evan Stern for Foundation for Economic Education:

To focus too heavily on social issues was said to the be the resting place of sleepy liberals.

Increase the peace

International alliances have a very nice side effect: They reduce the risk of war.

Kelsey D. Atherton for Popular Science:

This is less about any individual nation’s particular skill at diplomacy, and more just a version of network effects.


Ukrainian student activists addressed American conservatives about the dangers of Russian policies.

Marie Hemelrijk for STUDENTS FOR LIBERTY:

Ukrainian SFL Chairwoman Mariia Chaplia went on Ukrainian TV English to discuss her experiences in Washington.


Russian campaigns aim to undermine stability in Europe.

Richard Maher for The Conversation:

Disinformation campaigns, or what are also sometimes called “active measures” in the “information space”, have become an increasingly important feature of Russian military doctrine.

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