Judging This “Libertarian” Book by its Cover

All comic fans are familiar with Bizarro, Superman’s twisted clone. While he is superficially similar to his Kryptonian counterpart, Bizarro thinks, speaks and acts the opposite. This relationship, being seemingly similar but fundamentally different, applies also to Libertarianism and its ugly collectivist clone Alt-Right-“Libertarianism”. Here at Freedom Today Journal we have written at length about white collectivism, the Bizarro of Libertarianism.

The sad reality of right-wing libertarian Stalinism

A few losers with toy helicopters

Now the upcoming book “White, right and Libertarian” by Christopher “Chase” Rachels stirred up tension between libertarians and white collectivists.

Much could be said about the involvement of noted collectivist Hans-Herman Hoppe in the making of this book. Or about the role of the infamous “Mises” Institute. Or we could look, at considerable length, how the cover was leaked and how a flock of dysfunctional sociopaths berates each other over the events behind this. Daring souls who want peek into the world of Rachels’ “White, right libertarianism” may do so at their own peril on the website Radical Capitalist.

Instead, let’s look at the leaked cover.

This result of his hapless efforts cannot even be called the “work” of a loser with a toy helicopter, “work” being to big a word.

It’s not worth to argue about this. While hanging communists, muslims, antifa, or feminsts from helicopters is certainly a white, right wet dream, there is nothing libertarian about it.

And those collectivist “libertarians” who so casually threaten murder that even a Hanns Hermman Hoppe cuts ties do not deserve pity. They do not deserve to be reasoned with. They deserve ridicule.

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