Getting a brain up to speed. Also: Coffee and Alcohol — FTN DAILY EDITION #134, Science & Health


What’s that smell?


Erika Engelhaupt for

It’s only about one-hundredth of a percent, but any urine in a swimming pool can be a health concern for some people, not to mention that smell that never quite goes away.

Jump start

A new way to help people get out of a coma properly.

Ramon Perez for Futurism:

However, a 25-year old man has made “incredible” progress after being the first person to receive a new UCLA treatment…one that “jump-started” his brain out of a coma.

Built on coffee and liquor

A coffee this morning and beer tonight.

Chelsea Follett for Foundation for Economic Education:

It used to be thought that humanity domesticated wheat for bread, and beer was a byproduct. Today, some researchers, like McGovern, think it might be the other way around.

The undead disease

The reasons for tuberculosis’ persistence are economic. So are the solutions.

Dom Galeon for Project Syndicate:

There are three reasons why TB persists: political leaders do not understand the sociology behind it, scientists lack an effective paradigm to attack it, and the rich and famous no longer die from it.

Fixing the split

The cause for schizophrenia can be found and prevented by looking at skin cells.

Ellen Goldbaum for Futurity:

When even one of the many schizophrenia-linked genes undergoes mutation, by affecting the INFS it throws off the development of the brain as a whole, similar to the way that an entire orchestra can be affected by a musician playing just one wrong note, he says.

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