Kurdish fashion, “dead white philosophers”, and more People & Society in FTN Daily #93, Thu, Jan 19, 2017

Mr. Erbil

Kurdish Hipsters are a thing

But it is not just about fashion — there is also a serious, almost political side.

BBC Monitoring for BBC News


A feminist no more

Liberal feminism had shifted from the universality of equal human rights to identity politics.

How feminism went astray, chronicled by Helen Pluckrose for Areo Magazine.


A sad record

Protesting against the Mullah regime in Iran, Arash Sadeghi is on the longest hunger strike known so far. Ellery Roberts Biddle for Global Voices


Zuckerberg’s folly

Facebook’s Journalism Project “blends cynicism and naïveté”, says Frederic Filloux for Monday Note.


In defence of dead white philosophers

Are Thomas Paine and Thomas Aquinas both equally worthless and wicked?

Benedict Spence for Spiked


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