Post-truth fake-fact-news and more Debate & Politics in FTN Daily #106, Fri, Feb 03, 2017


Headscarf fetish

The progressive obsesses over the hijab as a religious symbol. Instead of caring for the people wearing it. (Click through Facebook to avoid paywall) Misha Euceph for WSJ

As a Muslim woman and an immigrant, I can appreciate the left’s concern for people like me. But in their embrace of Islam, many have made hijab-wearing women the face of the religion.

The slow death of French socialism

The once powerful French socialists have been quickly reduced to rubble. Nicolas Bouzou for CapX

But the current president’s economic policy is only one reason the Socialist Party is dying. Globalisation is the other.

What killed socialism in France?

Post-truth fake-fact-news.

With just a bit of intellectual rigor you can defend yourself against the onslaught of falsehoods. Jay Ogilvy for Stratfor

We need only hold on to those truths that have not been rigorously falsified, while acknowledging that surviving truths are not necessarily eternal truths.

What killed socialism in France?

You may not be interested in war…

… but war is interested in you. Matthew Gault for War Is Boring

Moscow thinks it’s at war with the West and it doesn’t care if the West doesn’t realize it.

What killed socialism in France?

The state of free speech worldwide

A rundown of the battles this week. Netizen Report Team for Global Voices Advocacy

US border agents demand social media data from travelers, Venezuela arrests Bitcoin users attempting to get around currency devaluation, and Myanmar advocates push back on ‘Big Brother’ law.

What killed socialism in France?

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