Useless trophies, useless “fake news” panic, useless emotionalism, and more People & Society in FTN Daily #69, Thu, Dec 22, 2016

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Medals for Mediocrity

The most important point of trophies is not getting them all the time. Benjamin Sledge for Personal Growth

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Over reported online hate

The troll invasion of Twitter was greatly exaggerated. The Economist.

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Weaponized media: the biggest gun in the Kremlin’s armory

Half-truths, fakes and hoaxes, wielded by troll troopers. That’s the face of Putins’s most effective army. Sébastien Roblin for War Is Boring

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Don’t listen to your heart (use your brain)

Emotional responses make suffering worse. We need reason. Peter Singer for Project Syndicate.

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Collateral damage

“Fact checks” on fake news are bad news for real news. Sean Lester for Medium.

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