Lost continent, spitting fish, climate lies. — FTN DAILY EDITION #110, Science & Health


Climate of lies

Climate scientists apparently falsified records.

Ronald Bailey for Reason.com:

So settled science? Not hardly.


Do yo wann get spit at? Because that’s how you get spit at!

The Archerfish has surprising abilities.

Deep Look for YouTube:

Is this fish smarter than it looks?

Lost world

Mauritia was a continent in what is today the Indian Ocean.

Mark D. Kaufman for Popular Science:

For all its glory as a former continent, Mauritia could be considered a massive piece of continental litter.


Marginalize Illness

The trick is to stay healthy as long as possible.

James Hewitt for World Economic Forum | Agenda:

It’s never too late to change your trajectory for the better.


The right turn to do

UPS vans almost never turn left.

Graham Kendall for The Conversation:

Although this might be going in the opposite direction of the final destination, it reduces the chances of an accident and cuts delays caused by waiting for a gap in the traffic, which would also waste fuel.



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