POLITICS, FREEDOM, DEBATE — Liberty is Not a HostageRory Margraf on journal.ftn.media: As Northern Ireland debates a Bill of Rights, the state is a bigger threat than Loyalists or Republicans.

LANGUAGE, SCIENCE, SOCIETY — “Finding X in Espresso”Vitaliy Kaurov on blog.wolfram.com: “A baffled customer, a smug barista—media is abuzz with one version or another of this story. But the real question is not whether “expresso” is a correct spelling, but rather how spellings evolve and enter dictionaries.”

SOCIETY, ACTIVISM, GOVERNMENT, NANNY STATE — Pass the ScotchRichard Mason on Speak Freely: “More often than not, state prohibitions on alcohol harm the poor and powerless more than anybody else. Scotland’s minimal pricing will be no exception.”

ECONOMICS, GOVERNMENT, DEMOCRACY — Hard to measureEd Dolan on niskanencenter.org: “In search of the elusive economic effects of the regulatory state.”

FUN, CRYPTO, VIDEO — ClickHole on TwitterClickhole on twitter.com: “Don’t Understand Bitcoin? This Man Will Mumble An Explanation At You”

PEOPLE, MEDIA, INTERNET — 13 thesesTyler Cowen on marginalrevolution.com: “1. Moore’s Law plus the internet makes smart people smarter, and stupid people less smart.”

INTERNET, MEMES, RUSSIA, POLITICS, ENERGY — In neo soviet russia, the joke is youChristopher Moldes on globalvoices.org: “No one is chastising Ruthemium, or even Ruthenium-106. They’re chastising Rosatom for contradictory information and for jokes like this instead of a serious investigation into the accident.”

SAUDI-ARABIA, RELIGION, POLITICS — Rocking the CasbahMyron Magnet on city-journal.org: “Can the crown prince remake the kingdom and its religion?”

CULTURE, MUSIC, TV — Fleeting imageJames Walpole on fee.org: “If you’ve ever seen prime-time television, you’ll know that for the past decade plus, shows like The Voice, American Idol, and America’s Got Talent have fixated viewers.”

MUSIC, CULTURE, HISTORY — Emancipate yourselves from mental slaveryJosh Jones on openculture.com: “In 1958, Merle Haggard saw Johnny Cash play in San Quentin, and went on to sing honest country songs for country outlaws.”