Pro-liberty climate policy, unknown organs, space igloos and more Science & Health in FTN Daily #86, Wed, Jan 11, 2017

Jeremy Bishop

Breathe Free

We can counter man made climate change without sacrificing liberty. Jesse Velay-Vitow for Students For Liberty.

What makes a human?

From the brain to the genitals, our bodies host bits that have remained hidden or misunderstood for much of history. Kate Baggaley for Popular Science.

Igloos of Mars

Explore Mars and live another childhood dream at the same time. Sara Chodosh for Popular Science.

Holy Cow!

Species like the Aurochs are on the way to become “de-extinct”. Lindsay Dodgson for Science Alert. (submitted by Lee Winmouth)

Making Waves

The size of Tsunamis explained. RealLifeLore on YouTube

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