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Thursday, 27th October 2016 — People and Society

FTN Daily #21 — Bolivia legalized cocaine — Our refugee debates are about orselves — Trust your child! — And more

Free the Coke!

Bolivia legalized cocaine and kicked out the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). It turns out to be one of the better policies in the socialist country. Simeon Tegel for Vice News.

Matches across Walls

When your Tinder match lives across an international border, things can get complicated. Alana Levinson for Fusion.

Much Ado About … Ourselves.

The debate about the refugee crisis tells us more about ourselves than about the Issue at Hand. Robert Colvile for CapX.

Oh, he looks like you

Icelandic singles — like singles everywhere — use apps to find partners. But here they’re making sure that their date is not too closely related. Jenna Belhumeur for WSJ. (Click through Google News to avoid paywall.)

Trust Your Child

Using software and services to spy on children does them more harm than good. Kirsten Weir for Nautilus.

Who Needs Real Friends Anyway?

You can get along just fine with online friends, instead of “real” ones. Crystal Ponti for the Washington Post.

More Money, Less Problems

Fertility rates are falling in Africa, with the economy steadily growing. Good news for the kids that are born. David Bloom, Michael Kuhn and Klaus Prettner for


Estonias capital Tallinn made public transportation free. With mixed results. Maeve Shearlaw for The Guardian.

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