Modularity issues, utopias, AI, and more Innovation & Technology in FTN Daily #97, Tue, Jan 24, 2017


The Modularity Malaise

Building modular phones, like project ARA, is hard, expensive and the result cannot compete with non-modular phones. Jean-Louis Gassée for Monday Note

Crowdsourced phone crowdsucks

Crowdsourcing has one flaw. It steals focus. Ashley Carman for The Verge

Fab city project

A fully integrated utopia. Georgina Wilson-Powell for Pebble Mag

Under the self-driving hood

A peek into the future of driving. Guilbert Gates, Kevin Granville, Anjali Singhvi and Karl Russell for the New York Times.

Algorithmic Insurances

The impact of AI on the insurance business. Insurers.AI on Medium

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