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Friday, 28th October 2016 — Politics and Debate

FTN Daily #22 — Russia vs reason — Why Trump’s dressed like a tramp — The French resistance sucked — and more

Yet another Secessionism Debate

After the British referendum to leave the EU Scottish independence is back on the Agenda. The Economist.

The Politician: A Monkey in a Suit

A handy guide to the politics of clothes … in politics. John McDermott for MEL Magazine.

Surviving Hell

Syrians tell their stories from Aleppo. Life between regime snipers, Russian bombs and hunger. Natasha Bertrand for Business Insider.

NATO’s Achilles Heel

Currently, NATO cannot guarantee the safety of its Baltic member states. The defenses are at least seven brigades short. David A. Shlapak and Michael Johnson for the RAND corporation.

The Bully Bear

The Russian government has it backwards. Cooperation, not confrontation, is the way forward. Ulrich Speck for the Berlin Policy Journal.

Five US Election Scenarios

There is a very good chances that the outcome of the US presidential election is one of these five. David Wasserman for FiveThirtyEight.

Fighting Socialism in Venezuela

Venezuela’s struggle continues. The opposition against the socialist regime increases. Alexandra Ulmer for Business Insider.

Sacré Bleu!

The French resistance in World War 2 was not as effective as the French like to think. In fact, it was quite ineffective without the Allies. Nikolas Lloyd on Youtube.

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