Don’t host the Olympic Games. Too expensive. Also: Sweden, elitism. — FTN DAILY EDITION #130, Politics & Debate


Elitism for beginners

We need people to take the lead.

Alex Massie for CapX:

In truth, the divide between the individual and the community is less obvious and less complete than often imagined. Individuals need strong communities; healthy communities foster strong individuals.

In praise of the liberal elites

Swedish for beginners

Yes there is trouble in Sweden. It’s just not what Trump says it is.

Henrik Emilsson for The Conversation:

But it’s still fair to say the latest rise in immigration caused shocks to the political system.

In praise of the liberal elites


Lots of costs, much hazzle and way too little benefits. Hosting Olympic Games is just not worth it.

Tim Worstall for CapX:

Back in 2004, the Athens games contributed to the entire country going bust.

In praise of the liberal elites

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