People & Society — Thursday, Dec 08, 2016

FTN Daily #57 — False celebration — Accident Risks— And More

Photo: Robert_z_Ziemi

Safe meetings in repressive environments

A handy guideline for journalists and human rights activists who meet in dangerous countries. Rory Byrne for Art + marketing.

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This climate policy creates poverty

Energy poverty hurts the poor more than climate change. Let’s fix it first. Ronald Bailey for Reason.

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Veiled hypocrisy

Championing submission under religion ain’t no progress, dear “progressives”. Jeffrey Tayler for Quillette.

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Progressive poverty production

Economist Deirdre McCloskey on the fallacious theories by Thomas Piketty et. al. Interview by Monica Straniero for Vita International

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Germans and helmets, what could go wrong?

A lot, apparently. Charley-Kai John for The Local.

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