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Should I Write an Open Letter About How Hard my Life is?

Open complaint letters are really good at calling out the problem. No matter whether it’s legitimate or arbitrary, it gets called out.
However the letters rarely, if ever, propose viable solutions. Nothing of consequence follows.
Because solutions are hard.


This tree stump has been repurposed as a flower stand.

Hunger Games

CLIMATE Is Global Warming Making Us Hungrier? After achieving dramatic gains against hunger and famine, the world runs the risk…

TFW You Start to Dream About Trump

It was not even a nightmare, but actually quite funny. What’s fascinating is how your mind can cook up a story that is so consistent and even builds up to a punchline.— — —I can’t recall all of it, there is also a piece that was rather bizarre before t…

Synopsis: The Trump Thing

This is an overview with short summaries of my posts on Donald Trump.

Libya & the EU’s Migration Dilemma

The migratory pressure on the EU will not weaken over the next decades. It will grow. But leaving refugees in the hands of warlords in a country where human rights are nearly non-existent is not the solution.


The sign on this election station in Eastern Germany is probably from communist times.

Everyone Has a Worldview

Nothing to be ashamed of, we are all humans after all.

Understanding Opportunity Costs might just Solve the Fight with your Neighbour

How much of my resources (money and time) will I be required to spend for the relative gain I expect to yield?
One simple assessment that might not only teach you the easiest economics lesson can receive, but it might also just solve the fight with your neighbour.


Ayn Rand fans may approve this monument to engineering

Add up every semi-reasonable law, however, and the result is unreasonable and unconscionable.

Add up every semi-reasonable law, however, and the result is unreasonable and unconscionable.

Wheelin’ Alien

Two little additions improve this handicapped parking spot

Blurred Lines

SJWs, happiness, populism, lines, the USA, Censorship, and casting.

Cashiers are doomed

Innovation will replace human operated cash registers with fully automated systems.

Sign of maturity

One of the sure signs of maturity is the ability to rise to the point of self criticism.

Did the Kremlin Support Ron Paul in 2008?

Ron Paul was a long-shot, but even if he lost, he could be useful as a spoiler for a mainline Republican candidate.


Too many coat hangers + Too much time

Laws, just and unjust

One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.

Enjoy Coca Cola!

A Communist statue enhanced with a bottle coke.

True greatness

True greatness comes not by favoritism, but by fitness.

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