Hayek’s humane legacy. Also: Socialism, tribalism and the drug war. — FTN DAILY EDITION #148, Politics & Debate

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Remembering F. A. Hayek

Friedrich August Hayek died 25 years ago and is still smeared for his insights into human cooperation.

Matt Ridley for CapX:

Truly something very weird has happened to the world when, for advocating this bottom-up, egalitarian, collectivist idea, for advocating freedom for people to exchange ideas and serve their fellow human beings thus encouraging social change, Hayek is condemned by left-leaning commentators as a right-wing zealot.

Friedrich Hayek and the collective brain

Linger on

The enemies of freedom have learnt from their communist predecessors.

Arch Puddington for Freedom House:

Where the Soviet system was rigid, today’s autocrats are flexible and pragmatic. Where the older generation of communists were bureaucratic and slothful, today’s dictators are dynamic, resourceful, and hard-working. They are especially diligent at targeting and neutralizing potential centers of opposition.

Friedrich Hayek and the collective brain

It’s a trap

Why socialism will never work as advertised.

Richard M. Ebeling for Foundation for Economic Education:

Human nature is not waiting to be remolded like wax into a new human form and content.

Friedrich Hayek and the collective brain

Stop the war

Israeli libertarians are campaigning to end the drug war.


We Israeli libertarians will continue to fight for the end of the war on drugs and especially the war on cannabis.

Friedrich Hayek and the collective brain

Lower your fists

It’s time to abandon your tribe and follow ideas.

James Devereaux for Foundation for Economic Education:

Identity politics is best described as organizing politically based on identity as opposed to ideas. If this sounds tribal that’s because it is.

Friedrich Hayek and the collective brain


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