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Explaining Progress

Remembering Hans Rosling, who could explain the amazing progress of humanity like no one else could.

Steven Horwitz,Sarah Skwire for Foundation for Economic Education:

His natural storytelling ability gave him the capacity to put those complex historical factors into narratives that not only got the history right, but did so in a way that appealed to our shared humanity.

Rumor has it

Syrian Anas Modamani is being smeared by German right wing propaganda. He says Facebook could do more to prevent this.

Joe Mullin for Ars Technica:

Modamani took down his photo and requested that it be taken down elsewhere. But the photo is still popping up, along with false accusations of his involvement in terrorism.

Sillicon Valley vs. the Trump administration

Big tech companies challenge Trump’s executive order on immigration .

Cyrus Farivar for Infinite Loop — Ars Technica:

In the Sunday night 53-page amicus filing, the corporations forcefully argued in favor of America’s history as a “nation of immigrants,” and noted that if the order is allowed to stand, “American workers and the economy will suffer as a result.”


People are willing to spend more for accurate news. But old media is still caught up in old thinking.

Frederic Filloux for Monday Note — Medium:

These brands are stuck in an antiquated “captive model” in which the customer has no choice but to surrender to their mediocre system.

Minority Report

Using big data to predict crime leads to big questions.

Robert Muggah for World Economic Forum:

Whether we like it or not, predictive analytics are here to stay, and advances in processing power means that they will become more pervasive.

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