When bots contradict each other. Also: Background on AI and the African mobile phone miracle. — FTN DAILY EDITION #127, Innovation & Technology


Bot Wars

The curious phenomenon of Wikipedia bots fighting with each other.

Popular Science:

A group of researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute looked at nine years’ worth of data on Wikipedia’s bots and found that even the helpful ones spent a lot of time contradicting each other.


The Phone, mightier than the Sword

Mobile phones can be quite an effective measure against poverty.

Robert Colvile for Foundation for Economic Education:

Ten years ago, in Africa, a revolutionary experiment began — to create banking without banks.


No Loathing

A quick guide to AI’s potential.

Popular Science:

We might one day build AI that is inspired by how humans think, but does not work the same way.


No Fear

Don’t let AI freak you out. Learn about it.

Matt Escobar for The Conversation:

Learning the inner workings of artificial intelligence is an antidote to these worries. And this knowledge can facilitate both responsible and carefree engagement.


AI Assistance

Apple, Amazon and Google have different approaches to become your preferred voice assistant.

Tim Bajarin for TIME:

While some observers have argued Apple is behind in the voice-activated AI space, I believe Apple’s approach will prove the smarter path in the long run.



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