Business in space, innovation in healthcare, and more Economics & Business in FTN Daily #102, Mon, Jan 30, 2017


If you can’t fight them, buy them

How to effectively deal with competitors. Mitt Tarasowski for DisruptiveHQ

The CEO of Atlassian did it right. Instead of trying to fight the disruptive technology, he accepted it and bought Trello.

SciFi Economics

A new paper explains how business in zero-gravity could work. Joshua Hampson for Niskanen Center

Commercial outer space can promote economic growth, innovation, and stronger national security.

Property as a Human Rights issue

Digital decentralized currencies make it easier to keep what’s yours. @Brian Armstrong for The Coinbase Blog.

This got me thinking, to what degree do people control their own wealth today, and should they have more control?

Capitalist health care is cheaper

Fixed-price clinics offer better care for less cash. Haley Sweetland Edwards for Time.

If you’re paying cash for that mole removal anyway, why not find the cheapest dermatologist in town?

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