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FTN Daily #16 — Friday 21st October 2016 — Politics and Debate

The deadly harvest of a totalitarian ideology, Black Panthers against “Black Lives Matter”, and Hezbollah’s female time bomb.

Uncle Tom Matters

The Black Lives Matter movement is often compared to the Black Panthers of old. Former Black Panther chairwoman Elaine Brown disagrees. Vehemently. Tom Slater for Spiked.

21st Century Socialism Kills Babies just like 20th Century Socialism

The Socialist model country has an infant mortality rate higher than a war zone. Sara Schaefer Muñoz for the Wall Street Journal (click through Google News to avoid Paywall).

Putin’s Useful Idiots?

Russia’s propaganda station RT capitalizes on political libertarians mutually enhancing each other’s profiles. But it’s harmful to Libertarianism in the long run. Haley Byrd for The Buckley Club.

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

The Shia militia/terror group Hezbollah is already overstretched by fighting in Syria. Now the “Party of God” faces a new domestic challenge. Discontent women. Hanin Ghaddar for the Washington Institute.

Tax the Police!

The cost of legal Insurance makes police departments rethink their conduct. If no one covers the bill in court, they may very well lose their jobs. Ben Christopher for Pricenomics.

A Caricature

Libertarian author Jeffrey Tucker is troubled by Donald Trump’s image. Trump is not a true capitalist, but a caricature of capitalism, argues Tucker. Jim Brown for The 180 with an interview.

Feed the Right, Starve Trump

Liberal journalists should support building serious conservative media. Thereby cutting the likes of Donald Trump off their lifeline: publicity. Argues Jeff Jarvis for Whither News?.

The God that Failed?

Philosopher Jason Brennan is out with new book “Against Democracy”. Despite the title he has suggestions to improve the system. A review by Zachary Woodman for the SFL Blog.

In Denial

While the world is improving, people tend to believe it’s getting worse. Because bad news travels fast and then stays. Johan Norberg for CapX.

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