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Tuesday, 1st November 2016 — Innovation and Technology

FTN Daily #25 — The original iPod after 15 years — Secure Messaging — Cheating like 007 — And more…

We Have No Idea How this AI Encryption Works

Google made an experimental AI develop its own cryptographic method. It succeeded. But it’s not clear how it works. Sebastian Anthony for Ars Technica.

Spies Already Have a Radar in Your Home

WiFi signals can be exploited for detailed tracking of movement, with vulnerable routers as unwilling spy radars. Kaveh Waddell for The Atlantic.

The 2001 iPod

It’s been 15 years since Apple introduced the iPod. Here’s a revisit to the machine that started it all. Jacqui Cheng for Ars Technica.

The Digital Criminal

Artificial Intelligence may be able to defraud unsuspecting victims. By impersonating relatives in distress. John Markoff for The New York Times.

Advanced Cheating in Poker

In China there are scammers using high tech gadgets to cheat at Poker. Celine Bursztein and Elie Bursztein on Youtube.

Fear the Luddites

No, Automation makes us better off. Not worse. Tim Worstall for CapX.

Which Messenger is most private?

A handy list by Amnesty International.

Bonus: A primer why secure end to end encryption on multiple devices is difficult.

The Internet’s Single Point of Failure

If the Internet as a whole can be broken, it can be broken here. Julie Bort for Business Insider.

Lack of Imagination

The world’s reliance on fossil fuels is dropping. Due to innovation, not regulation. Aaron White for the SFL blog.

Apple, the new Microsoft — Microsoft, the new Apple

The tech giants have switched places. With underdog Microsoft challenging the Apple orthodoxy. Steven Levy for Backchannel.

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