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Wednesday, 9th November 2016 — Science and Health

FTN Daily #32 — How Earworms work — Tailored microorganisms — Your pet’s health insurance — And more

Super Moon Alert

2016 has a little astronomical treat up its sleeve. A super moon. Bec Crew for Science Alert.

Your Dog’s better Insured than You

Health insurance for pets is largely unregulated — and much better than humans’. Alex Mayyasi for Pricenomics.

Anatomy of an Earworm

Songs that get stuck in your head have a pattern. And a remedy. Amanda MacMillan for Time.

Bespoke Bacteria

Biologists try to design bacteria to fight disease. Despite obstacles the approach looks promising. Antonio Regalado for MIT Technology Review.

WHO reduces harm?

The FTN video team collaborated with Students for Liberty at the WHO FCTC Conference in Delhi, India and created this activist video.

They asked whether government regulation or private innovation is more effective in reducing harm caused by smoking.

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