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A Trend

Social media is a fantastic means of spreading awareness and drawing attention, as well as communicating and mobilizing the public. But a topic can easily be cannibalized by other content and simply becomes what it should not be: a trend.

Gay cannibalism and lesbian propaganda in Lithuania

But what does really need saving — the traditional family or the rational mind and individual freedom?

The Battles of the Sinclairs and the Real Socialist and Fascist Strive for Power

The truth is that both socialism and fascism would be very difficult to implement in a country as vast and institutionally protected as the U.S. At least for now.

Gay cannibalism and lesbian propaganda in Lithuania

What starts with associating LGBT people to freaks and cannibals, ends with taking away their freedom, their health, and their life without concern for human dignity.


Activism is not for the faint of heart, nor is it something to be solely worn on a t-shirt. It is the method by which our society has evolved over generations.

Only Vaping, If Anything, Can Stomp out Underage Smoking

Plain packaging won’t reduce smoking, no matter how much the government tries. But market alternatives could achieve this without government intervention.

Small country, big government

For Montenegro to succeed it will be necessary to face many problems and to find the best possible solutions which have so often been found in the free market, healthy competition, entrepreneurial capitalism and minimal state. All those ideas are relatively young in Montenegro and not well accepted by the elder population but they are slowly gaining a foothold among the young.

Going Bananas for Freedom

We think that Lithuania should think ahead to the future, building a multicultural society, open to the world as a modern country.
We welcome foreign innovations in technology, social change and fruit supply. And let’s never forget that where there is war — there are no bananas.

Gay cannibalism and lesbian propaganda in Lithuania

We cannot fake freedom, it comes with a responsibility to fight for it. And everyone’s freedom to love is a part of it — like everything else.

Libya & the EU’s Migration Dilemma

The migratory pressure on the EU will not weaken over the next decades. It will grow. But leaving refugees in the hands of warlords in a country where human rights are nearly non-existent is not the solution.

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