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Belarusians are the Victims in the War on Drugs

How the Belarusian drug policy is failing the people of Belarus.

“Lukashenko is tightening the screws on Belarusian society”

An interview with Piotr Markiełaŭ, who went to jail for freedom Photo by Violetta Savchits After a stream of authoritarian measures by…

Rocking in Russia

Protests in Russia and Belarus. Also Putin’s folly, Iceland’s luck, intersectionality’s idiocy. — FTN DAILY EDITION #154, Politics & Debate Next stop Minsk Just…

“The Government is Trying to Spread Fear”

BELARUS — EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Interview With Belarusian Student Activists Evgeny Mihasyuk and Nikita Krasnokutskij about the Protests against the Government For every…

Chilling News for Internet Freedom in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

Freedom on the Net The “Freedom on the Net” report by Freedom House shows mostly negative developments in the former Soviet Union….

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