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Keep Calm and God Save the Queen

Bowing is beneath you, Britain.

“We are experiencing an anti-liberal counter-revolution”

Why hard-won freedoms in the world and in Europe are under threat again and what can be done about it.

Your petty Brexit-revenge would hurt European consumers

Impeding trade with Britain is just the worst idea. It hurts us more than anyone else. freestocks.org by Ferghane Azihari The…

What of our grand experiment?

A renewing of the European spirit Lee Key By Yaël Ossowski Unbeknownst to millions of ordinary European citizens, they’ve participated in…

“Europe of Multiple Speeds” is already here

European leaders are — finally — wising up to the fact that some countries don’t want over-integration — by David Nonhoff Alexa Wirth Jean-Claude Juncker, the President…

The highly unlikely French Leave

France is very unlikely to follow the British example. Their outlook is very different, argues Bill Wirtz.

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