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If your current faith doesn’t allow for same-sex marriage, I’m sure there’s competition somewhere that will be willing to cater to you.

Equal Rights & Cigarettes

For many women, cigarettes became a sign of stepping up to men and their patronising attitudes. Cultural change, accelerated by war, became rapid and by the time of World War II, women didn’t need no man to allow them to smoke a cigarette.

Limited Government

Limited government isn’t a mere concept that protects people from being overtaxed, because it’s a considerably more far-reaching idea of distrust of power.

Same sex

Libertarians believe that the government shouldn’t be in the business of marriage at all. Marriage is either a contract or a spiritual or religious ceremony, in which no bureaucrats should be involved.

Understanding Opportunity Costs might just Solve the Fight with your Neighbour

How much of my resources (money and time) will I be required to spend for the relative gain I expect to yield?
One simple assessment that might not only teach you the easiest economics lesson can receive, but it might also just solve the fight with your neighbour.

There is every reason to believe that Bavarians are perfectly able to govern themselves.

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