Tag: Culture

Dissidence is Beautiful

Language is not the tool of the state, but the tool of the people.

Yes, you should make jokes involving Nazis

Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Hitler?

Keep Calm and God Save the Queen

Bowing is beneath you, Britain.

Insane in the Brain

We just got the wackiest piece of hate mail. It’s an unfiltered stream of unconsciousness.

Will we pray to artificial intelligence?

Anthony Levandowski, the American engineer behind Google’s push for self-driving cars – also involved in a lawsuit regarding his alleged…

No regrets

Bitcoin regrets, Disney and Fox, Uber ambulances, zombie accounts, Saudi Arabia, Estonia, ridiculous Star Wars merch.

People before Malthus

Malthusianism, Trump, plastic, organ donation, Orwell, Syria, Apple, and crowdfunding.

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