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Check out these 7 crazy cryptocurrencies

Of course, there’s one called “Titcoin”.

Improve the World, Not Your Like Count!

#Activism in the age of social media risks to hurt worthy causes.

Synopsis: The Trump Thing

This is an overview with short summaries of my posts on Donald Trump.

Cashiers are doomed

Innovation will replace human operated cash registers with fully automated systems.

Did the Kremlin Support Ron Paul in 2008?

Ron Paul was a long-shot, but even if he lost, he could be useful as a spoiler for a mainline Republican candidate.

How to Fool Ron Paul

How would I play Ron Paul as Putin?

Weak and Strong Arguments for Free Migration

It is neither reasonable to assume that immigration leads to catastrophic results nor that it will work miracles.

A stupid ban on smart weapons

Smart weapons, Russia, competititon, machine learning, and the “Estcoin”

All monopolies fall

Monopolies, the Hitch, looks, waste, memories, Econtalk, Norway, and bots.

No regrets

Bitcoin regrets, Disney and Fox, Uber ambulances, zombie accounts, Saudi Arabia, Estonia, ridiculous Star Wars merch.

What would Putin do?

What would Putin do in 2008, 2012, and 2016? Here is what I would do if I were Putin.

What Really Matters about Bitcoin

In the panic rush, let’s pause to consider the meaning of it all.

“It’s time for an intervention”

The drug war, IT security, daredevils, women, Jerusalem, Portugal, Turkey, academics, Russia, and North Korea

Government Is Addicted to Banning Substances

The government has a substance problem and it’s time for an intervention.

That all languages are created equal…

Linguistics, Hong Kong, solar panels, racism, the LvMI, smoking bans, Internet moderation, South Africa, sci-fi, & AI music.

Luck of the Northern Irish

Northern Ireland, linguistics, strong drink, regulations, bitcoin, the internet, Russian government memes, Saudi Arabia, talent shows, and redemption songs.

Let’s free Wikipedia from government bias

Wikipedia often conforms with government views. Academics can help to take better care of the knowledge that surrounds us. By…

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